Crumble Without You




+The man who is losing his wife to cancer.

+The daughter and son of that same woman.

+The soldier at war whose family is back at home

+The leader of the soldiers fighting for our country.

+The college student who has a final at 8am Monday morning.

+The man/woman starting their first day at a new job.

+The man who is going to ask his girlfriend of 3 years to marry him.

+That man and woman on their wedding day.

+Those two trying to have their first baby.

+The doctor who has to operate on a sick patient.

+The mother and father waiting for their 16 your old son/daughter to come home with the car.

+The 16 year old kid who has his/her road test on Wednesday morning.

+The college athlete who has a meet/game.

+The little leaguer that wants to make his dad proud.

+The brother who wants to show his older brother he CAN DO IT!

+The student who wants to make the ‘A’ honor roll.

+The student who is getting an ‘F’ in every class.

+The teacher who has the two of these children in his/her classroom.

+The coach who is going into the locker room to talk to his team before a game.

+The same coach who is going into the locker room with his/her team winning at halftime.

+The same coach at the end of the game when their team just lost or just won for that matter.

+The superstar athlete that has made a mistake in his life and now the whole world know about it.

+The family of that same superstar.

+The young man who is a college football hero and is diagnosed with cancer and must fight for his life.

+The family of that young man.

+The teammates of that same young man.

+The teenage girl who is pregnant and has to raise her new baby on her own.

+The guy who left that girl.

+The parents of both of those two kids.

+The young man/woman who made a bad decision and ends up in jail.

+The Law Enforcement Officers who “Protect and Serve” their communities.

+The Federal Law Enforcement Agencies that protect the Homeland.

+The fire fighters who run into burning buildings to save the life a person they never met.

+The families of all these men and women.

+The man and woman who are in the middle of a divorce.

+The children of that man and woman.

+The homosexual man and his mate.

+The homosexual woman and her mate.

+The mother, father, and family of these two people.

+The man/woman who got laid off from his/her job and has a family to provide for.

+The family of that man/woman.

+The boss of that man/woman.

+The handicapped man/woman who has to use a cane, wheelchair, walker to get around.

+The senior citizen who sits alone in his/her room at the retirement center.

+The young man/woman who goes and talks to that senior citizen once a week.

+The man/woman driving home in a snow storm after a long day of work.

+The grandchildren of the grandma/grandpa that are in the hospital.

+The children of that grandpa/grandma.

+The nurse who takes care of people he/she has never met.

+All the people they touch.

+The 18 year old kid who enlists in the Army/Military.

+His/her family.

+The musician who is writing a song from the heart.

+The people that listen to that song.

+The teacher who has learning disabled children to teach.

+The learning disabled children.

+The mother/father of those children.

+The religious figures about to preach to an audience.

+The homeless man on the corner who wants $1 to possibly get something to eat.

+The person who gives that homeless man $5 and says, “That’s for you!”

+The lawyer who has to present a case in court.

+The defendant of that case.

+The judge in that court room.

+The young teenager who believes, “No one is there for him/her.”

+The parents of that child.

+The parents of the teenager who “KNOWS EVERYTHING.”

+The teenager.

+The man/woman contemplating ending there life because they feel they have no reason to live.

+The family and loved ones of these people.

+The psychologist who spoke to that man/woman a week ago.

+The college grad who doesn’t know what he or she is going to do with their life.

+The college freshman who doesn’t know what his/her major is going to be.

+The autistic child who tries his/her best everyday to learn.

+The family of these kids.

+The teachers who help them.

+The truck driver who has been on the road for 2 days straight without sleep.

+The family of that truck driver.

+The teenage girl who gets a zit the day before the prom.

+The boy who is taking her to the prom.

+The photographer taking their picture.

+The man/woman trying to get into shape.

+The personal trainer he/she may hire.

+The parents of a missing child.

+The missing child.

+The high school senior making a decision about college.

+The janitor of the school.

+The bus driver who has to get the kids to school on time and safe.

+The children in an orphanage.

+The people who want to bring one of those children into their home and raise them.

+The AIDS victim in the hospice.

+The correction officer in a jail.

+The author about to publish his/her first book.

+The people that read that book.

+The woman who has a miscarriage.

+The husband of that woman.

+The retail associate locking up his/her store for the night.

+The parents who bring their son/daughter to their first day of Pre-School.

+The President of our Country.

+The family of that President.




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